Making Wellness Work


Turn-Key Solutions

Simplify your incentive program with our turn-key approach. We've brought our analysis-based design process, our proven engagement practices, our amazing rewards mall and our rules-based reporting engine together into one complete wellness platform that will energize and complement your wellness initiatives.

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Save Money

gBehavior gets paid on results. gBehavior was the first company to utilize large scale incentive programs with its revolutionary "Pay for Performance" model - no PEPM or PMPM! Points are issued only when participants engage and meet the program's goals.

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Industry Leading Experience

Trust in our extensive experience in behavioral science. Rewards for Wellness™ is our wellness incentive program based on the best practices in behavioral science and inspiration - inspiration that springs from our years of experience in successful behavior dynamics.

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The gBehavior Advantage

  • Personalized Rewards Portal
  • Custom Designed Behavior Targets
  • Age and Gender-Appropriate Exams
  • Effective Disease Management Plans
  • Exciting Rewards to Motivate Staff
  • End-to-End Services
  • User Compliance and Tracking
  • Detailed Reports and Analysis
  • Increased HRA Adoption
  • Focus on Long-Term Lifestyle Change
  • Cost-Effective Pricing
  • Extensive Rewards Mall with Market Pricing
  • Seamless Rewards Mall and Fulfillment

gBehavior Will Bring Your Wellness Program to Life

gBehavior understands the challenges to making wellness work. We've spent years designing incentive programs that address real health issues, encourage engagement, and track and integrate data from a variety of sources (HRA, biometric testing, wellness portals, health plans).

As one of the pioneers in workforce behavior modification, we know our programs work with high success rates. For this reason, our unique business strategy allows our clients to pay us only when their programs are working as intended. There are no up-front costs associated with rewards or the number of participants in your program. When it comes to wellness, gBehavior offers the bridge you need to keep your employees engaged and motivated.

Self-Insured Companies

Corporate wellness programs are an absolute necessity for self-insured companies. Every dollar saved goes directly toward the bottom line. High-risk and unhealthy employees can dramatically impact the success or failure of your business.

Measures of Success

  • Wellness incentive programs detect risk factors (high blood pressure, sedentary lifestyle, obesity, tobacco use, etc.) that affect the health status of employees and cause frequent use of the health care system. Early detection and treatment greatly reduce the cost of catastrophic claims.
  • Wellness incentive programs improve the health status of employees, reducing absenteeism and improving employee productivity.

Health Plans

gBehavior integrates and partners with payers and health service providers to create wellness programs for both employees and members. We design the program around the healthy activities and preventive exams that lower heath care costs and have the most impact on the health of participants.

Measures of Success

  • Adopting a preventative stance on healthcare significantly impacts illness rates and reduces overall costs due to early detection and treatment.
  • Wellness incentive programs can help identify the problem areas, such as cardiovascular diseases, musculoskeletal problems, diabetes and cancers. Using this information, specific interventions can be created to improve health and reduce short-term and long-term health care costs.


Corporate wellness incentive programs average a 3-to-1 return on investment. In other words, for every $1 spent on wellness programs, companies save an average of $3. This makes the investment in an effective incentive program a valuable decision for your company.

Measures of Success

  • Healthier employees consistently exhibit higher levels of productivity, and a greater sense of overall well-being.
  • Reducing the number of employee sick days directly affects corporate productivity levels.
  • Rewarding employees for positive health behaviors creates a cycle of success that is a true win-win for both the individual and the company.