Our Proven Approach


gBehavior's Approach - Tested and Proven Effective!

By definition, behavior modification is an approach to the assessment, evaluation and alteration of behavior. More simply put, it's a way to help ensure you get the results you want by rewarding the actions and behaviors that lead to them.

gBehavior leverages the latest research and best practices in behavioral science, blended with years of experience in creating successful incentive solutions, to deliver effective incentive programs that improve participant health, safety and performance. Incentives have powerful behavioral effects. People do not generally change their behavior without good reasons - reasons that outweigh the pain and annoyance associated with changing behavior patterns.

From an organizational standpoint, the greatest potential for success comes when there is a clear understanding of shared goals and responsibilities among all stakeholders - and also a motivation to achieve those goals. gBehavior's customized wellness, safety and performance improvement solutions succeed because they help companies meet both of these criteria.

Research studies demonstrate that people are fundamentally motivated by two major factors - choice and empowerment. Employees are motivated by choice - a reward that lets them decide where to shop and what to buy. Because the power of choice has been demonstrated to be an effective motivator, gBehavior provides participants the most comprehensive incentive inventory in the industry through our online mall.  Participants choose rewards that they feel have the highest perceived value.  gBehavior realizes that if individuals are not emotionally invested in the incentives, they will not pursue the goal.

Incentives empower employees through choice. It's fun and easy, motivating and rewarding. It works. Employees enjoy positive outcomes and companies and health plans achieve their business goals... and because gBehavior only gets paid based on a program's effectiveness, everybody wins with our solutions!

The Power of Choice

Incentives provide additional motivation for individuals, encouraging them to initiate action and maintain new behaviors until the intrinsic reward is enough to sustain the positive change. Rewards encourage participants to celebrate efforts and successes on meaningful levels - personal, team, and departmental.

When participants achieve company-defined goals, they earn points. Points are redeemed for rewards from our branded online rewards mall, which features thousands of choices in all point ranges.