Unlock Your Workforce Potential


Turn-Key Safety Solutions

Simplify your incentive program with our turn-key approach. We've brought our analysis-based design process, our proven engagement practices, our amazing rewards mall and our rules-based reporting engine together into one complete performance platform that will energize and complement your success initiatives.

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Turn Key Safety Solutions

gBehavior gets paid on results. gBehavior was the first company to utilize large scale incentive programs with its revolutionary "Pay for Performance" model - no PEPM or PMPM! Points are issued only when participants engage and meet the program's goals.

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Industry Leading Experience

Your front-line employees shape your brand image. gBehavior understands that sales and customer service representatives are the face and voice of your organization. They create the lasting impression your clients will take with them. That's why creating, reinforcing, rewarding and maintaining positive behavior among your employees is absolutely essential to your long-term success.

Call Centers

Call Centers and Customer Service

gBehavior helps clients in the customer service industry, such as call centers, meet their business goals through effective behavior modification and awareness strategies; encouraging courteous interaction and exceptional quality customer care.

Measures of Success

  • Bolstering transaction size significantly impacts revenues (potentially millions of dollars, depending on volume)
  • Increasing employee product knowledge reduces hold times and problem resolution follow-up times, which dramatically improves the overall customer experience
  • Better trained, more motivated employees report a corresponding increase in overall job satisfaction
  • Improving order accuracy decreases upper management involvement in daily processes, resulting in enhanced efficiency

Financial Institutions

gBehavior helps financial institutions meet their business goals, with performance improvement solutions that ensure employees are motivated and focused on key metrics that save your company time and money.

Measures of Success

  • Fee incomes contribute significantly (millions of dollars) to the bottom line, and can be increased in relation to employee performance
  • Corporate and institutional trust referral programs can substantially increase annual revenues
  • Process improvement collaboration between financial institution departments dramatically impacts customer satisfaction
  • Lowering loan application processing time results in higher closing rates

Sales and Production

gBehavior creates incentive solutions that encourage employee "ownership" of the quality process, leading to increased productivity and reduced costs. There is no better ROI than when your staff is continually motivated to build strong relationships with your customers that lead to improved sales and profit margins.

Measures of Success

  • Incentives encourage sales professionals to meet and exceed sales goals. Energizing your direct sales force can significantly increase sales volume and deliver real, measureable results
  • Motivated sales professionals promote stronger customer relationships
  • Incentives motivate production personnel to meet and exceed production goals, resulting in time-saving behaviors and adherence to quality standards and processes