Pay For Performance Guarantee


Dramatic Cost Savings with Our Unique Pricing Structure

Very simply put, gBehavior doesn't get paid unless our program generates results. It's in our best interest to ensure that your performance goals improve and are continually met. For this reason, gBehavior gets paid ONLY on meeting your program goals!

gBehavior was the first company to utilize large-scale incentive programs with its revolutionary "Pay for Performance" pricing model. Points are issued when participants engage and meet the program's goals. Companies pay gBehavior based on their program's actual results - no monthly payments, no additional incentive costs. Our success depends on your success!

Our Guarantee

gBehavior's team of professionals create, implement and manage online employee wellness, safety and performance incentive solutions. Because we believe so strongly in the power of change that incentives will bring to your initiatives, we make the commitment to bill you for reward points (which includes the cost of the reward, marketing and reporting) ONLY when participants meet the required program goals. That's our guarantee!