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We've brought our analysis-based design process, our proven engagement practices, our amazing rewards mall, and our rules-based engine together into one complete wellness program that will energize and complement your wellness initiatives.

gBehavior delivers an end-to-end solution that complements and makes your wellness initiatives more effective. Because we offer a complete solution that includes design, implementation, marketing, rewards fulfillment, customer service and reporting, we off load these responsibilities from your management team. Based on our powerful technologies, we ensure that your wellness incentive programs are carefully designed for maximum results.


gBehavior helps clients analyze their health care needs and then uses this information to create cost reduction strategies, such as encouraging tests and screenings to diagnose and manage disease earlier. We create program metrics through a well-defined process analyzing historical data and reviewing current claims information. We include information from wellness portals and medical management companies. Our incentive programs are designed to reflect the client's lifestyle and business goals.

Program metrics are based on activities, achievements and adherence. Metrics can include episodic activities such as health risk assessments and age-based testing, while also incorporating ongoing objectives, including exercise and weight loss. In addition, we address proven interventions, targeting high-cost health risks by incorporating condition-specific disease management metrics.


  • Design methodology is highly customized for each client
  • Analysis is focused on key problem areas for maximum cost savings
  • Metrics are designed so as to best measure program efficiency, achievements and adherence
  • Focus areas include disease management, fitness and nutrition, and weight loss


gBehavior is committed to engaging employees through multiple touch points, driving maximum interest and measurable outcomes. Prior to launch, gBehavior creates integrated marketing materials, an instructional video, and a client-branded rewards portal. In addition, gBehavior will provide scheduled webinars, personal on-site informational sessions, and information packet mailings.

Typical compliance rates average 10-15% in wellness programs that do not utilize incentives. With gBehavior's Rewards for Wellness™, clients can expect a significantly higher rate of engagement. Participants will receive personalized monthly point statements, action-oriented materials, targeted newsletters and emails on a monthly basis. In addition, our customer service professionals are available to personally answer each phone call. We offer online, phone, written and mobile support.


  • Provides effective promotional strategies to ensure high engagement rates
  • Includes branded materials, such as instructional videos, newsletters, posters, brochures
  • Provides customized ongoing engagement activities
  • Features participant-facing portal to track points and learn about new promotions
  • Provides online, phone, written and mobile support
Rewards Mall


gBehavior understands every individual is motivated differently. The most effective reward is one a participant chooses for him or herself. One distinct advantage over others in the industry is our extensive online rewards mall which includes thousands of products and reward cards at all point ranges. We also offer travel and sporting event tickets. We have the very best value in the industry because our rewards are offered at current market value.


  • Includes continually expanding choice of rewards in our extensive rewards mall, with thousands of options
  • Mall features apparel, home goods, electronics, gift cards, reward cards and much more!
  • Reward choices include travel and sporting event tickets
  • Market prices ensure participants are getting maximum value for their earned points


gTrack is our powerful technology platform that integrates all facets of our wellness program. It measures a completely customizable set of data inputs, so that our clients can feel in control of their wellness initiatives. gTrack allows clients to assign incentive points to specific behavioral metrics and track the success of individuals, groups and the program as a whole. gTrack delivers integrated tracking while accepting claims data and wellness information from multiple sources.

Our powerful rules-based reporting engine incorporates and organizes every data element on each eligible individual in ways that enable customized reports. Progress is monitored and reported to management using a full range of reports detailing information about program activity, member engagement and year-over-year comparisons. gBehavior provides the reports clients need to understand and demonstrate the significant return-on-investment delivered by our wellness programs. In addition, monthly participant point statements detail the points earned, special offers and a wellness newsletter. These point statements are delivered to program coordinators, or directly to participants via email, mail, or the online portal.


  • Features powerful rule-based technology capable of tracking almost any metric imaginable
  • Provides custom reports designed to keep clients in-tune with program performance, down to the participant level
  • Gives clients the data and reports they need to properly measure their return on investment