About gBehavior

gBehavior was founded in 2003 through a convergence of insight and opportunity - recognizing that the performance improvement industry could be different and better; and that we had the experience, knowledge, technology, and perspective to make that difference.

gBehavior and its business units are located in the financial district of Atlanta, Georgia - where we succesfully work with clients in the U. S. and Canada.


gBehavior Highlights

  • Focused program design services ensuring proper alignment with customer objectives and clear, consistent communication
  • ROI methodology to justify costs and gauge program progress
  • Innovative procurement and fulfillment system offering the most comprehensive incentive shopping mall available, with thousands of reward choices
  • Hands-free program administration, performance tracking and participant/management reporting via our robust gTrack web-based platform, enabling data compatibility within diverse computing environments
  • Comprehensive in-house customer support
  • Unique pricing model: gBehavior invoices our clients only on results
  • Referenceable customer list

What People Are Saying

  • gBehavior account managers 'on the ground', providing safety program support to our technicians..

  • I already knew I needed to lose weight, but education was not enough to make me actually do it. Choosing my rewards was the key. Getting to select gifts for my kids motivated me. At first, losing weight was a secondary goal. But now, I look and feel so much better that I just want to keep on going. E.S.
  • I purchased a pair of running shoes from Zappos with my reward points. Now, I can continue my healthy habits! M.W.
  • I redeemed some of my points for a $100 gift card. Definitely came in handy for the holidays. B.B.
  • It has been a great experience working with gBehavior and watching the usage grow with our drivers. I want to thank you for the support all your employees have given to make the program a model for all of Schneider. I am committed to doing all I can to work with you and your team to continue what we started in 2012. C. W.
  • Earning reward points is great, because it gives my husband the recognition he deserves, and it provides us with a way to save for Christmas. S.N.
  • Your customer service is spectacular. The representative who recently assisted me went far beyond the efforts of a typical employee. I really appreciate the positive attitude of the gBehavior customer service reps, and their desire to make sure our needs are met. S.B.
  • You and your associates do a fantastic job supporting our company, employees and customers via creative solutions for our employee benefit programs. We appreciate you keeping us on the cutting edge of behavioral modification innovations that enable our employees to better perform in so many vital areas of their lives. M.M.

In the News

  • gBehavior will exhibit at the 36th Annual National Educational Conference and Expo (SIIA) on September 25-27. For more information, visit www.siia.org.
  • gBehavior will exhibit at the 21st Annual Georgia Safety, Health and Environmental Conference in Savannah, GA on September 20-23. Don Doster will speak on the topic Safety Incentive Myth Busters. For more information, visit www.georgiaconference.org.
  • InteliSpend Prepaid Solutions and gBehavior recently produced the webinar, Health Pays - Using Incentives to Drive Wellness Behavior Change. Led by Don Doster, President of gBehavior, and Shayne Froidl, Product Manager for InteliSpend PrePaid Solutions, the webinar discusses successful engagement strategies utilizing incentives to promote compliance with wellness and care management programs. To view the webinar, click here.
  • InteliSpend Prepaid Solutions Motivates Employees to Get Healthy with Incentives for Wellness Program Providers. St. Louis, MO (June 26, 2012) --InteliSpend Prepaid Solutions announced today they are teaming up with employee wellness program provider gBehavior to provide wellness expertise, program design and program delivery for InteliSpend clients. Click here for more.
  • Don Doster was recently interviewed at the IHC Forum East, where he was a workshop speaker.
  • Listen to a more indepth radio interview with Don Doster on the value of wellness incentive programs.
  • Listen to Don's June 8th interview on the Atlanta Business RadioX show.
  • For our industry leading incentive program, Rewards for Wellness®, gBehavior was named a 2011 Industry Innovator and Health Care Consumerism SuperStar by IHC Forum Magazine.